Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to: add Meta Description and Keyword in blogspot

Meta description and Meta keyword is the most important in SEO (Search engine optimization). It will help you for showing your site search result. What is meta description? Write a description about your site in 500 words. When you need example please visit site and look my site top. I wrote a description shortly. Following this you can make your description. Chose best keyword for your site. How can you find your best keyword? By clicking here and using this site keyword finder tools, you can  make your keyword list. When you make your meta description and keyword list then you may follow this steps which is given below.

Monday, November 21, 2011

How to: add Google Plus Official Follow button in your blog or website

All we know about Google plus. So I think now don't need talking about this site. This article write about Google Plus (g+) Badge (follow button). This Badge work like Facebook like button & Twitter Follow button. I think every blogger want to use this Badge in his blog or website. This button help you to make more fan and build your site traffic. Google plus Badge comes 4 most beautiful body. When you add this Badge in your blog or website it makes your site more beautiful.

Add Twitter Follow button in your blog site

In this article I write about Twitter Follow button. Twitter.com released new official follow button. This widget look like Facebook LikeButton. So today I will share with you how to add your blog site Twitter official follow button. Oh I forgot something about this widget. This button comes with Nine Language. Ok, Let's see how to add in your blog site. Your tutorial given below. [....]

Sunday, November 20, 2011

How to: add recent comment widget in blog site blogspot

Read this article and make recent comment post widget in you blog site in blogspot. If you want to show recent comment in your blog site you can use this trikes and make it. This tutorial is very easy. You can want make it now just follow this steps and make it easily.

Your tutorial steps here
#1 Steps : Go Layout and click Add Gadget.
#2 Steps: Now Chose Feed widget.
#3 Steps : Enter this URL given below in Feed URL box. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to: Create Flying Bird gadget in wordpress, blog or website

Today I share with you a new widget. Called Flying Baird Widget. This widget help to make more traffic and it help every twitter visitor easily follow your twitter page or share your post in twitter.com.

Create Flying Bird Gadget just Follow steps given below.
(Don't have a Twitter account click here and get twitter account)

#1 Steps : Go Template>Edit html>Proceed and Check Expand Widget.
#2 Steps : Press CTRL+F3 and find this code ....... </body> then paste this code (given below) before code.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Add reply comment link in your blog blogspot easily

I hope this tutorial is very helpful for every blogger. If you wants to add reply comment link in you blog blogspot. It's very simple. Just follow steps given below and make it very easily.
#1 Steps: Go Template and Click Proceed. Now check Expand Widget
Old Interface

Create Navigation Link with cool image button

In this article you will learn how to replace Navigation Link with cool image button. I think it's help you to make your blog more beautiful. The steps are given below.

#1 Steps : Go Template and click HTML editor. Then click Proceed button.   
#2 Steps : check Expand Widget ..... Now Find this code <data:olderpagetitle/>. Now replace this code and paste this code given below.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to: add RSS and Social Icon in your blog

Today I will share with you a new widget called RSS and Social Icon widget. This widget is very important for every blogger. This widget help to share your post in social bookmarking sites and given Rss update for your visitor. I think you need this widget. So don't be late. Let's see how to add RSS and Social icon in your blog site.
Steps here : 
#1 Steps : Go Layout and Click Add Gadget.
#2 Steps : Now Find HTML Widget.
#3 Steps : When you complete Steps 1 or 2 then copy those codes and paste all codes in HTML widget.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Digg button: How create a Digg button blog or website

This article teaches you how to create a Digg button in your blog or website. When you display this button in your blog or website, then it help your visitors directly share your post in Digg.com. It's like Facebook share button. Digg.com is a social bookmarking site. This site vary important fr you. Because it is very effective for your site to improve your site traffic. See your steps given below.

Here the steps :
Go template and click Edit HTML.

Now Click Expand widget template .

Click CTRL+F3 and fine this code given below.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to: create a image thumbnail related post widget in blogger

Yesterday  I saw a site it show related post in his post below with image thumbnail. Then I think this widget need to my blog site, and I apply this widget in my blog site (see my posts below). When I search for it then I see a site name linkwithin.com . This site given this widget completely free.  So don't worry. Let's see how do we get this widget from this site.

1. Click Here and Go linkwithin.
2. Look right bottom form there wrote Email, Blog link, Platform, Width etc (fill every information there). and click Get Widget.

Twitter: How to create twitter widget in blog

Today I share with you how to displaying twitter widget in blog site. Twitter is a social networking site like Facebook. See the Facebook like box is exactly like this widget. It can work automatically and manually. You can use this new and classic blogger layout. You can add it to your blog site automatically. See how add this widget in your blog site.

How add it automatically? 
Here are the steps:-  

1. Login your twitter ID in twitter.com .
2. Click Setting witch is on the Top Right Side. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to: add Google+ profile in your blog

Only few days ago we see Google Plus lunch. The nearly 40 million people joined this site. This is a step in the social networking. It's like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. It's help you can communicate with the world.

So today I share with you "how to add Google plus profile in your blog site". When you can use Google Plus profile in your blog site. It's makes your profile more beautiful.
If you want to change your profile and you want to use Google pulse profile in your blog click here.  Now flow the introduction and make this. [...]

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to: Create Related post link in your post below

Today I will share with you a most important tips. I think Every blogger needs this tips. So don't be late see that tips given below.

Login your dashboard Template and click Edit HTML
Click Proceed and Check Expand Widgat Template. Now Find <data:post.body/> this code. When find that code in your template editor copy those code given below [...]

How to: Create Recent post wedget in your blog

This article will help you to create a recent post widget in your blog sidebar. Login your own  dashboard click Layout and Add a Gadget.
Now fine feed widget  and click plus button. Then you can see this option given bellow.